Saturday, 11 April 2015

Half-way through chemo.....

After a much-needed week with the folks in Winkleigh, we returned home to prepare for my last dose of FEC, I must admit, although I'll be glad to see the back of my strongly coloured bodily fluids, I'm not looking forward to the massive doses of steroids that will accompany the upcoming 3 sessions of Docetaxel. The most important thing to remember is that we're half-way through chemo....!

I've been having some issues with the chest-port, it turns out that it wasn't being flushed as often as it should and most of the nurses have struggled to access it (a pretty painful experience particularly when they continue their attempts with ever-increasing lengths of needle). By the time chemo day arrived on Wednesday I was thoroughly dreading the port-access, thankfully, my nurse, aptly named Blessing, was a dab-hand and managed it with ease on the first attempt. The smallest things can make difficult experiences more tolerable and this was a perfect example, we laughed through the rest of the session and I'm now feeling much better about round 4.

The effects so far seem to be tolerable, I'm now heading into my sickly/tired stage so am not expecting to leave the sofa for the next 48 hours but Erica and I are very much looking forward to watching the Oxford and Cambridge ladies take on the Thames on the same day as the men for the first time in history... who can believe it's taken this long? Perhaps we'll see our little sprog donning light blue in 15 years time..... for the time being though, extreme downhill appears to be her sport of choice!   #fightlikeagirl