Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Cancer won't ruin this girl's birthday....

It's been a little while since my last update as there hasn't really been much to speak of, I found the first couple of days following round 2 to be relatively easy-going but unfortunately by Saturday I was completely wiped-out. It's a type of tiredness and nausea I'd never experienced on their own, let alone as a double act. I think the lowest point was sitting in the shower unable to move even when the hot water had run out. The nurse tells me that overdoing it in the immediate days following chemo causes that to happen so I'll be sure to take a different approach next time around!

It's been great to be out and about with my team visiting stores and clocking-up countless eureka moments, if cancer didn't come with so many unfortunate side-effects I would be close to declaring it time very well spent. Recovery will require a return to the office routine in due-course but I'll do so with a much better appreciation for the effort it takes to run a good operation and the motivation to make life easier for the people who do.

We've ventured back down to Devon for a well-earned week off and included the requisite trip over to the Fox and Hounds in Eggesford for my birthday dinner and to reminisce about the multitude of brilliant memories we've created there with so many of you. 

We're looking forward to spending Easter weekend with the rest of our awesome family before heading back home for round three....... HALF WAY THROUGH CHEMO!!!