Thursday, 11 June 2015

Last round of chemo......DONE!

It now looks like we'll be set to reach 2 milestones by the end of this week, I'll be curled up in my chemo cave counting down the last few days of the fog and this humble blog will have reached 100,000 views! This time last year I was completely oblivious to the fact that those things would be important to me but they both represent just how much can change in 9 months.

As if the last day of chemo wasn't enough, it seems that I will now only be having 3 weeks of radiotherapy and have managed to negotiate an early slot at the hospital each day so can get on with relative normality while my chest and neck are blasted with radiation. That means, all being well, treatment will be finished on 26th July! Hormone therapy and the management of my menopause will continue long after that but I'd take them over chemo and radiotherapy any day.

Don't forget, Nathan and the LVIS boys will be off to Italy at the weekend to put themselves through their own 24 hours of hell racing against some of Europe's fastest tour riders, there is still time to sponsor them and ensure that your pennies make it over to Breast Cancer Care - an organisation that have pulled me back from the brink on many occasions, for example, when I became concerned about persistent breathlessness and, thanks to Google, became convinced that the cancer had spread to my lungs, a conversation with the helpline and a simple check of my blood count clarified that it was likely caused by reduced platelet counts - Nathan then helpfully speculated as to whether or not I may be able to get hold of some EPO - ever the supportive and selfless husband! Here's the shameless sponsorship link. and you can follow their progress here

Although my journey is far from over, with your help and support I am emerging from the epic-downer that's been plaguing me for the last couple of months. I've lost body parts, experienced indescribable pain, started the menopause, lost friends and gained friends but have developed an unfaltering clarity about what really is important in my life. I felt compelled to put those things together in a video in order to remind me just how lucky I really am (if you're watching this on a mobile device it's likely you won't be able to see the embedded video so you'll need to head over to the YouTube link..)

I'll let you know how the final round of chemo pans out and look forward to sharing the hair regrowth selfies!