Monday, 15 June 2015

The one where the boys do us proud.....

I can't quite believe that I am typing these words..... chemotherapy is over!!!!

As luck would have it, the final round really wasn't that bad, I'm sure that had a lot to do with my state of mind but I can confidently say that it could have been much worse. Don't get me wrong, Docetaxel loves to control your movements ensuring that a toilet is always within sprinting distance and it has made a last-ditch grab at the pitiful fuzz that was starting to grow back on my baldie-head but I don't care, I've got that monkey off my back and I am a very happy girl.

So what's next I hear you shout.....? Well, I go for my "inflation" next week which is where my plastic surgeon will insert saline into my lovely rectangular temporary boob in order to expand the skin and then I go for the radiotherapy "fitting" which is where they set the machine up to remember said lovely rectangular dimensions, tattoo the settings onto my skin ready to start blasting my chest and neck with radioactive isotopes the following week. Believe me, I will take all of that over chemotherapy any day!

As you have probably noticed, Nathan and the LVIS boys did us proud in their own 24 hours of hell racing pro-tour riders in Italy while I was curled-up in my chemo cave and they have managed to raise over £2,000 for breastcancercare as a result. Everywhere they go the kit seems to grab attention, so much so that it's prompted a factory re-run, I never thought I'd have my name plastered over so many bums - my life is now complete!!

This is starting to turn into a hyperactive ramble so I will sign off before I hurt myself. I honestly cannot put into words how good it feels to feel good and to know that the plan as it stands is not to go through that bullshit again, your support continues to get us through this, we're not done yet but I am well and truly back in business - now I just have to lose 20 pounds - bummer!

#fightlikeagirl  GO VEGAS!