Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Can we get to 3,000 views?

So I was always one of those people who considered blog writers to be narcissists or nobodys but I am now starting to understand how, when used for the best intentions, a blog can be a truly awesome thing; we're up to 2,750 views, I'm able to keep you lovely people updated on our progress and write about whatever the hell I like!

I'm still struggling to get used to sitting on the sofa on a Tuesday morning and I literally can't remember the last time I had a sick day as pretty much every day of my holiday is consumed by the MBA (miss you all by the way, kick strategy's butt this week!).

I recognise that recording Celebrity Big Brother is a recipe for disaster and that a trip to Waitrose is not the same as the 1,000 miles I covered on the bike in 2 weeks that crazy summer but it's all baby steps to recovery. I have no idea how Mum puts up with the constant demands to take me on excursions followed shortly by complaints of pain, dizziness and general disdain for this wretched situation but she absorbs and deflects it in equal measures and that is why she's awesome.

Here is a selfie

Erica has developed a bit of an obsession with the bandages and the concept as a whole, she demanded another Doctor's set yesterday and has been monitoring my blood pressure regularly, I have been trying to convince her to sterilise her equipment after using on the dog but I should be grateful that he is also receiving an expert level of care and that she may one day remember this so that she can contribute to the race towards a cure.

The gifts, calls and cards continue to flood-in and seeing friendly faces again has helped to put everything back into perspective, I am in no doubt that this is just the start of our journey but knowing that we are not in it alone makes it all the more achievable.

Thank you and love you all xxx