Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The morning of the op...

As much as we were looking forward to a lie-in, my darling husband forgot to turn off the alarm on his phone and rather unsurprisingly I couldn't get back to sleep.... however.... the hospital had told me that I can have a light meal at 7am and that's it, so I thought - "they're just over-cautious, why do they make people fast before operations anyway?" and then I googled pulmonary aspiration.. just as well the alarm went off when it did as I'd otherwise be starving or dead!

I'm now busy packing my "short-stay" suitcase full of anything that has the possibility of providing any member of the household other than me some entertainment, I already know that I won't be able to read Kahneman's and Armstrong's books again in 4 days but I'm going to give them a damn good go (if you're reading this Mr Hauff - I am determined to finish that damn book so that I can quote it as eloquently as you do and catch you out when you use the text as your own!)

Thank you all so much for your amazing messages of support and for lying so beautifully about how good you think my blog is, writing this makes it so much easier than continuing to re-live events in every conversation, it helps me to move on and think about my recovery rather than my cancer.

I'll update you all later, you're all awesome xx