Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The day of the second operation......

The day of the second operation......

Well, things seem a little clearer following my last (rather dramatic) post. Upon the advice of my Consultant and many of you I have managed to break-down the journey ahead into steps and will face each step at a time rather than try and comprehend the enormity of it all.

In a quest to try and take control of this situation, I have started to research the role that nutrition can play in both the prevention and treatment of cancer, I was flabbergasted to learn that 30% of all cancer cases are linked to poor nutrition - that's the same as smoking!! There appear to be a number of things that cancer hates (cabbage, green tea, soya, turmeric) and things that cancer loves (sugar, alcohol, pesticides, fats, aspartame); needless to say, my diet has always been light on the former and heavy on the latter - all of that is about to change! If you're interested in learning more, "Anticancer" is a really good read and has helped me to feel like I can start taking some control of my recovery. I'm also glad to say that cancer likes red wine (in moderation) so there is no need for any of you to disown me just yet!

Needless to say, I'm not entirely sure how Nathan feels about the enforced changes to shopping habits but I think as long as I resist moving the family into a treehouse and dressing us all in hemp clothing he's happy to oblige.

Erica continues her medical training and has lost all bedside manner entirely, the thermometer is thrust into your ear followed shortly by a plumber's style sharp intake of breath as she considers the prognosis, she insisted that she could undertake today's axiliary node clearance herself once she'd eaten her pasta and had finished painting the rainbow giraffe. I gracefully declined and promised that she could change the dressings when I get home. My hope is that one day we can look back on this as an experience that we all went through together and, as a result, became closer as a family - especially when she's a celebrated Oncologist and can fund our care in our old age!

Mum continues to work her magic as nurse, nanny, cleaner, cook, dog walker and shoulder to cry on, she has taken on so much responsibility in order to make this easier on us and really is a formidable woman - proof that it is in the genes!

Anyway, I'm due to have surgery at 5.30pm tonight and am sitting patiently in my room waiting to be drawn-on and to adorn the fetching gown, paper pants and stockings! I'll let you know how it goes and thank you all so much for your ongoing support.

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