Wednesday, 11 February 2015

We have a plan..

Okay, I have a plan, using mainly spoons......

I've come to the conclusion that every meeting with Consultants, no matter how much you prepare, results in you wishing that you'd done more research. Even when you feel like you get to a point where you understand the prognosis, the treatment options, nutritional factors and advances in science, they still manage to flummox you!

The good news is that I really like my Oncologist, the bad news is that the treatment is going to be a lot longer and tougher than we'd anticipated. We're going to have 6 rounds of chemo (at home!), 4 weeks of radiotherapy and 5 years of hormone injections...... seriously, I know we want to nuke the bastard cells but even this seems extreme! 

There are 2 things about my cancer that I was completely oblivious to: 
1. Chemotherapy is a "shot in the dark" some people respond to it and get better, some don't
2. Even when it's all complete, there is no way of telling whether or not any of the treatment has been successful, the only test we have is to see whether or not any more tumours develop within the next 5 years.

Both of those things are a bummer. 

We had a brief conversation about prognosis but I made it abundantly clear that I don't want to know, I want to face this fight, like any other challenge, with the will to win. 

We're taking ourselves off to Winkleigh to have an enforced week of normality before the serious stuff starts, I promise to post photos of the haircut!

Thanks for the cards and presents that continue to flood in, I particularly liked my post-it and brown-paper card from my esteemed colleagues at BP.... at least the workshop materials are going to some good use in my absence!